Design and simulation of DNA, RNA and hybrid protein–nucleic acid nanostructures with oxView

Joakim Bohlin, Michael Matthies, Erik Poppleton, Jonah Procyk, Aatmik Mallya, Hao Yan & Petr Šulc

Nature Protocols 17, 1762–1788 (2022).

Molecular simulation has become an integral part of the DNA/RNA nanotechnology research pipeline. In particular, understanding the dynamics of structures and single-molecule events has improved the precision of nanoscaffolds and diagnostic tools. Here we present oxView, a design tool for visualization, design, editing and analysis of simulations of DNA, RNA and nucleic acid–protein nanostructures. oxView provides an accessible software platform for designing novel structures, tweaking existing designs, preparing them for simulation in the oxDNA/RNA molecular simulation engine and creating visualizations of simulation results. In several examples, we present procedures for using the tool, including its advanced features that couple the design capabilities with a coarse-grained simulation engine and scripting interface that can programmatically edit structures and facilitate design of complex structures from multiple substructures. These procedures provide a practical basis from which researchers, including experimentalists with limited computational experience, can integrate simulation and 3D visualization into their existing research programs.

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